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Busfest 2012 website goes live!


At last! After much anticipation, the Busfest 2012 website has gone live. Most dudes will know this festival as Vanfest but after a long protracted saga, the organisers were informed by the current holders of the “VANFEST” trademark (Volkswagen Type 2 Owners Club) that they no longer had their permission to use the Vanfest name for the event. To fulfill existing contractual obligations with the Three Counties Showground in Malvern the organisers had to start up a new event with a new name.

The Busfest crew announced earlier this month:

“You can be sure that despite the name change it will be business as usual & we promise you that we will continue to put even more effort into the event to ensure that BUSFEST at Malvern retains its crown as the biggest & best VW Transporter Festival in the world”.

So there you have it, you know the deal. This event is truly awesome and I represent all the Skip Rats when I write: we spend the whole year looking forward to it. From pimping the dubs, making the meat order, deciding who’s taking the BBQs to building NASA’s answer to fire pits the preparation conversations are endless – come to think of it, it’s a good job […]

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What is a Skip Rat?

So, what is a Skip Rat?
A dude who burrows through the discarded debris in a skip or bin, looking for items which may still be of value and/or useful to said Skip Rat. Much like a modern day Womble. Needless to say, such activity is viewed as “a bit pikey” by the average man on the street, who prefers his kitchen sink to come from a more reputable source.

Should I submit this to the dudes at the Oxford Dictionary?

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It looks like Vanfest 2012 is going to be very different to past years. Following is a extract from a post I read today on the volkszone forum, it also appears in the vwt4forum and the split screen van club.  I was tipped off by a Skip Rat who’d been to DubFreeze 2012 this weekend and had been party to the same story. This got me digging around on the web and bingo! It sounds champion, the Skip Rat Dubs will be there again for sure, check it out…


An event for Owners & Enthusiasts of the Volkswagen Transporter

BUSFEST is the new name for the annual VANFESTIVAL event held at the Three Counties Showground MALVERN, over the weekend of 7-9 SEPTEMBER.

That new name is……………………………………. BUSFEST.

We think the new name is the best we can come up with and is a natural successor to our previous one. It fits in well with the existing logo & is easily recognized all over the world as being connected to VW Transporters.

BUSFEST will retain a similar format, & size to the previous festival.

For those of you who went […]

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VW Beetle ignition timing

This guy keeps VW Beetle ignition timing real simple – check it out…

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New Volkswagen Beetle ad – The dog strikes back

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